About Chris

Chris is a twenty-something with big dreams. 13094_10152916979814915_1571727351491095593_nWhen he is not writing for the blog he is either studying towards his Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary or serving the people of St. Gabriel the Archangel Episcopal Church, where he is currently serving as a Ministry Resident.

Pursuit is the the culmination of Chris’ thoughts about faith and culture. When he needs to work out an idea or think deeper about something, he often turns to his blog. Not only is he writing for himself, but he is also writing for anyone who may come across his thoughts. He hopes that others will also find truth and meaning in the words of this site.

Chris currently lives in Denver, CO with his beautify wife Megan, their dog Calvin and cat Winnie.

Want to contact me? Complete the form below and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.


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