Preaching and Teaching Samples

Chris is currently available to fill the pulpit for churches in the Fort Wayne, IN area. Contact him with the form below to check his availability.

Here you will find several recordings of Chris preaching or teaching. All content was written and recorded for classes in Chris’ Master of Divinity program at Denver Seminary.

Sermon #1

This sermon is on Ecclesiastes 8:14-9:10.

Sermon #2

This sermon is on Psalm 91.

HBLT Lesson

This lesson is on Mark 8:22-26. It is written in the Hook (H), Book (B), Look (L), Took (T) format. This format is one of many designed to be engaging and creative. This lesson is not meant to be a sermon. Instead, it sets out to engage the students by encouraging their involvement. It showcases Chris’ ability to teach in a more traditional classroom setting.

Contact Chris about filling your church’s pulpit here: